The questions that can be arise in you while in your Muktinath tour. The FAQs that mention below are:
1: What kind of seasons is good to visit Muktinath Temple?
= The best seasons to visit Muktinath is Sept to Oct & Feb to May.
2: What kind of hotel is provided?
=The hotel with the best service is provided to you.
3: What kind of dress to be packed?
= The warm clothes to keep your body warm from cold.
4: Can we go Muktinath Temple by trekking, flight or by vehicle?
= Obiously it depend on you how wanna go to Muktinath Temple. You can go by trekking, by flight and by vehicle on the sharing basis if you go by jeep then. Or you can visit by your private vehicles too.
5: What kind of food is served?
= Mainly we focus to prepare Nepali Khana. It depends on what kind of food is served on the basis where we stay.
6: Does we have to pay entry charges?
=No you don’t have to pay the entry charges.
7: What are the main attractions of Muktinath Temple?
=The main attraction of Muktinath Temple are Kunda, Jwala mai Temple, Gomba Samba, Swaminarayan, Shaligram.
8: Does any religion people can visit the temple?
=All kind of religion people can visit freely.
9: If the flight has been cancelled then what is another option?
= If the flight has been canceled then we arrange as you want other you want to stay in Muktinath and wait for tomorrow flight or move to Pokhara by jeep.
10: The water of there will be pure to drink?
=The water of here is not pure to drink, so use the hot water of use water purifier medicines.